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Hello and welcome to my website. As a writer of romance, it is my desire to sweep you away, to a place where love and passion take over, and where stunning scenery takes your breath away. In this fast-paced world we live in, every woman should take time to savor the romance and get swept away, if only for awhile.

Standing on the edge of danger, running away from the one she fears, and falling for the one who is trying to save her. This is the basic idea of my romantic suspense books, my most favorite genre. If romance is what you want and suspense is what you crave, then you should read The Special Agent Series of books.

The forth book in The Special Agent Series, Agent Of Mercy, was released at Red Rose Publishing on April 22, 2010, and is a Bestseller.

The fifth book in The Special Agent Series, Ruby Stone in Danger in Paradise, was released at Red Rose Publishing on February 23, 2012. Ruby Stone is the first sexy and beautiful female special agent in the series and debuted as a Red Rose Bestseller and stayed on the Daily Hot Sellers List for more than a month.

Betty Ann's most recent release and the long-awaited sequel to Eureka Point, is the sixth book in the Special Agent Series, titled Beyond the Point, which was co-written with her sister, Linda Carvin. For those fans who couldn' get enough of the love story between Lizzie and Tom, continue to follow their story of love, mystery and suspense as they marry and take up residence in Eureka, California.

In this much anticipated sequel to Eureka Point, Beyond the Point, finds the former Katie Montgomery, aka Lizzie Harrison, has now settled into a life of domestic bliss with her new FBI special agent husband, Tom Owens. With the help of her new friend and landscape designer, Abigail Grant, Lizzie has taken the plunge and started a new interior design business in the scenic, old seaport town of Eureka, California. Tom's partner and best friend, Scott Landrew, appears to be smitten with Abby. When Tom is called out of town on business, he leaves Lizzie and Abby under Scott's watchful eye.

Will the suspicious events that are taking place prove to be just harmless coincidences, or are they signs that the dangerous drug cartel may still be after Lizzie? Will Lizzie and Abby's first joint assignment be the beginning of a wonderful partnership, or will Lizzie's past put them all in danger?

Beyond the Point will be released in paperback soon!"

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Enjoy your visit and I dare you, go ahead, get swept away!

Betty Ann